Morphite Game Review

March 2, 2019

There’s no way to avoid the fact that this game is eventually going to be compared to No Mans Sky. It’s a comparison that is equally as interesting as it is inevitable. Both games are trying to create something of incredible scope. However, the two games go about creating a large and interesting world in two completely different ways.

If you ever played No Mans Sky, then you know that the game feels pretty empty and aimless. You really know where you go or what to do. The universe is absolutely gigantic, it’s marketed and designed to be that way, and it just ends up feeling empty at the end of the day. You have all the freedom in the world but if you don’t know what to do with it it’s all a little pointless. Unless your idea of a good time was just to go skipping around on some planet somewhere with no idea what to do then this game was not that interesting to play.

Morphite is a little bit different. Granted it has the huge universe and all of the possibilities that No Mans Sky had, but it actually gives you a direction to be going in. And that’s what really makes it a lot different a lot better in my opinion.

There’s a little bit of a prologue when you boot the game up. It’s noot long and is pretty unobtrusive and once it’s over it launches you out into space. Just like No Mans Sky you begin jumping from planet to planet examining all the different forms of life that you find along the way. And you’re trying to find more out about Morphite as you travel.

It’s basically a big blocky 3-D FPS adventure that’s got a unique look all its own. Just like any other FPS- controlling your character with  floating sticks and buttons. It’s got its own unique feel to it which is great.

You have the normal tools are for doing exploration and space shit. Your ship to jump around, your pistol to defend yourself, and you get your scanner to learn more about local flora and fauna. All in all ends up working pretty well. Even get grenades and a beacon that allows you to get crates dropped at your location. Like any good space explorer you have to fight Pirates along the way as well. As you jump around space you’ll need to keep your fuel in mind and refuel it when needed. The space section is basically just jumping from place to place.

There are elements of platforming and puzzle games to this game as well. That’s in addition to the FPS element. As you go through the well-thought-out levels, you open up new parts of the story and you places to explore in the universe.

You have rewards for sticking to the quest, but you can also go off on your own and explore the Universe  as well.

There’s a large cast of characters in the game and it feels like you’re part of a larger world because of the characters that you’re surrounded by. The game really excels in this area and you want to find more out about the plot and more about characters as you go on.

A lot of the other games by this developer’s are not nearly as well thought out asthis game. There’s always something new to do or fight. There’s at least only something new to shoot at. Or scan. You could scan it instead.

Like the large sprawling Bethesda games or games by Obsidian we get a large open world that also still has a linear storyline, it all blends together in a seamless way. You don’t feel lost, there’s always is clear path to take. But you also have the freedom to explore the universe as you see fit. There are always new mysteries to unravel and their characters to meet along the way.

The game, especially a mobile game like this, exists with an illusion of scale. It’s quite a trick to pull off, and this game pulls it off in a very very good way.

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