Strategy and Tower Defense on Android and in the App Store

May 25, 2019

Strategy and Tower Defense on Android and in the App Store
With our increasingly busy life, it seems like everything is becoming more mobile and more flexible and our games are no exception. Android has a wide variety of mobile games for both their tablets and for their various phones. With many of the games being available for free, it can seem impossible to wade through all of the options to find the best. While many people enjoy having a challenging game, between work and family it is hard to find the time most people find it easier to casual game into their lives. These casual games don’t require the same amount of time and energy that some of the more intense games need to really get anywhere in them. For those of us who are looking for a challenge that doesn’t require a large investment of time and energy there are a variety of challenging and engaging games.

Strategy games have been popular for centuries, going back to games such as chess and checkers.
There are a wide variety of casual games available on Android phones and tablets. Some of these games are playable on their own, while others create a community of people who compete against each other, and sometimes help each other. Some of most popular strategy games on Android right now include massive multiplayer role play games like Clash of Clans and games that include the option to play against an AI or other people online such as The Battle of Polytopia. These turn based games focus on building up your home or home base while being able to attack other bases, either AI or other people depending on the game and what mode you are playing in. Other popular games on Android include Final Fantasy Tactics, Plants Vs Zombies and Castel Clash.

One of the most popular types of strategy games today are tower defense games.
These games typically challenge people to create a defense system that will protect a wall that separates them from what is usually an oncoming army. Towers and defenses can be upgraded, sometimes in real time using resources obtained during the game. In some games these reassures are gathered from defeating enemies and in other games they are mined or gathered from specific towers or buildings available from the game. Some games give you the ability to do both at the same time. Upgrades are made available for all of the towers and buildings, as well as a way to strengthen the wall. Some tower defense games allow you to upgrade your towers and buildings at any point in the game, others force you to think several steps in advance by forcing you to wait until certain points in the game in order to upgrade anything. As you defeat each wave of enemies they get stronger and it takes more to keep them away from your wall. No mater what kind of games you are interested, there is a wide variety of choices on Android platforms to choose from.

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