Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review Part 2

February 21, 2019
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Some of these costs can be pretty simple like just finding a horse mackerel or something like that and bring it back to the character. Some of them won’t be quite so easy. You’ll get XP points bells and other materials after you hand over all the things that is collected to your newfound friends.

You need the materials and the bells in order to make craft items free you and the others in your camp. Each little character has their own little favorite item that you have to craft. Once you create the things that they like they will come to visit. Other players are scattered throughout the island if you’re looking the make human friends. You need to find them or find the campsite give them what they need, giant get your friendship up and they can do the same for you. Or you can just add your friends through codesharing.

This version of the game is a lot simpler than previous animal Crossing titles. It’s really good if you just doing quick little gameplay sessions. Their daily challenges three can earn bells they can earn bells by completing tasks. As long as you’re checking back in and chatting the people and you have the patience to keep doing so than making money in the game is not hard. You can check out other people’s stuff or sell them materials through the new market box that’s been implemented in the game.

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For a free to play game the payment model isn’t too bad. It’s not incredibly invasive to the actual gameplay itself. You can buy bells or leaf tickets and you get pop-ups of the daily deals that are going on but you don’t have to click on any of them in order to enjoy the game. The game doesn’t come guard stopped to get should try and buy something.

The timer’s on the other hand, are another story altogether. You might be tempted to pony up some cash when it comes to the timers. You want to speed up crafting time? Spend some money. You want to make your fruit grow on the trees quicker? Spend some money. It all cost leaf tickets and materials. Do you want to craft more than one thing at once? Spend some money.

All in all, the sense of being more of an interactive commercial for other more involved animal Crossing titles by Nintendo. It’s got some charming moments in a doesn’t beat you over the head to spend money, but all those elements are definitely still there is this is still a free to play game.

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