Jamata Defense Review

May 28, 2018
jamata defense android TD

TD Bros and Sisters:

I can’t lie and say I’m a big tower defense gamer. Did I crush zombies with plants? (HARDCORE back in the day.) Of course, but who didn’t?

We also all crushed on Angry Birds.

But those days seem kinda long-gone.

Now we’re in an age where mobile games are advertised hardcore on TV. Did 90% of people who saw a zillion and one ads for Arnold and Kate TV ads download those games? Well after 1/2 a zillion ads, I’m sure.

As did I, and as I tried them, uninstalled. I’d be hard pressed to think they continue to keep active installers.

There’s a new game that blows them away. If you’re like me, those games were akin to the early version of weak versions of Diner Dash married with Sim City that failed miserably, without compelling you to play more levels.

3d Tower Defense for Android

Jamata Defense combines the ease of play, compelling reasons to play more, FREE-to-play appeal, and unbelievable artwork that I think is completely missing from these poorly-rendered, designed-for-profit abominations.

turret defense jamata defense

Like I said, tower defense is not my innate style. But this game is FUN. It’s still super-new, so don’t expect a full suite of leaderboards and challenges, but what it brings is beyond refreshing.

What makes it unique, beyond being 100%-free-to-play, is level-based-challenge. What you won’t find with this game is that you need to build up an army, or create an entire town, or find weapons, etc., etc. It’s strictly level-based, old-school, enjoyment. It’s as close as you can get to saveable arcade love on an Android with a tower defense game.

It will save your progress, and it does have a Renown point system, which is yet to be completely fleshed out, but shows the developers were thinking.

If you’re looking for a game you can quickly get into, play on bathroom or cigarette breaks, and still feel like you’re having a good time without getting crushed by a sense of inadequacy after several levels, Jamata Defense is it. For more strategy games check out the Google Play Store strategy game page.

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