Tap Busters Game Review Part 2

February 8, 2018

Mobile Game Tapping

The whole point of tapping games on mobile is basically to get to the point we can stop playing. You crap your fingers through the game until you basically just let the game play itself and you can sit there like a moron just watch the screen. Many people have this much time in their life, but I don’t. And if I’m getting old, or I just don’t get it. But this seems like the most dull waste of time the world.

But this game is a little bit different. In this game you don’t get to stop tapping. It wants you to keep paying attention even long after you’ve lost all will to live. It doesn’t make any sense in this game- doesn’t work at all. It’s just a good way to break your damn phone to buy a new one- it’s retarded.

You play this game, and hours rolled by and your long bored of tapping the screen. You just keep tapping the screen and wishing that your life will end. You think about your family and your friends and all the people you used to know and how your life could have turn out differently. What is in the news today? Why am I a piece of shit that plays this game right now? Because that’s what you have become, that is why.

The one good thing about this game is that it has a science fiction type of theme. That’s totes exciting. I’m on that kind of thing. I figured I can at least enjoy that aspect of the game. Not only that, but you are a bounty hunter in Space. That’s pretty cool- you join a group of intergalactic bounty hunters. And your job is to kill monsters?

I don’t know. You to shoot whatever is in front of you- I guess that makes sense. You get coins for kills. That’s how bounty hunting’s supposed to work- I guess that part okay. If you kill a big enemy can even earn new armor new weapons and crap like that to try out.

Clicker-type mobile games

Like other clicking games you get these upgrades by just continually tapping. But unlike those other tapping games this goes very slowly. You won’t be upgrading every 30 seconds and experience rapid progression.

When you finally get to upgrade you do it in that RPG-type style. You can add more damage for you or the taps of your sidekicks. You can unlock new health that will expand your health bar. You can unlock new special skills in the tree as well. Very exciting.

As you see all these numbers go up, you understand that these will continue to increase as you tap the screen. If that’s something that interests you, great. It seems to interest a lot of people for some reason.

Not only a coin system, but there’s a gem system as well that allows you to upgrade your weapons instead of just yourself. You just keep tapping tapping tapping and upgrading your weapons and eventually you want to blow your brains out. You wonder why you wasting your time doing this.

It takes a lot to upgrade your mechanic. So get ready to do a lot of tapping. Asshole.

Basically, the only way I can really recommend this game is if you are completely idle and you have nothing to do. Maybe you only have one working finger.

Like you got hit by a car and are in a full body cast on the second floor of Holy Mary Mother of Moly hospital down by the Popeyes on 4th street and you need something else to do besides trying to figure out what the homeless guy is cooking over that flaming barrel under the freeway. So you download a tapper for your phone. Time for a change. Well done.

If you really have no one to talk to and nothing positive to do with your life, or you can’t read or maybe you just have something wrong with you then this is the game for you. And some of the sci-fi humor in the game is actually not that bad. But it didn’t stop me from committing suicide.

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