Traffic Rider Mobile Free Game Review – Part 1

March 2, 2019

This is a free game that really tries to get you to spend real money as well.

It’s kind of involved but is definitely a major conspiracy in the game to get you to spend real money as soon as you get a couple levels in. If you fail a race you can continue from where you died but it’s going to cost you real money. You could spend gold for continue or you can watch an ad. You can only watch an ad once per race and can only spend gold to continue twice per race.

If you do end up paying in order to continue, you know you actually, okay, you cave you go okay, I’ll pay a pay to continue or use in game gold to do it. You only get 10 seconds for that. That might be enough for you to finish the race but more often than not it’s not. It’s usually not enough and it’s not worth the money that you spend on it. When you do 30 overtakes in 60 seconds you can end up spending a lot of money in the game. You run out of coins really quick.

That’s the kind of thing that kinda drags this free game down.

Granted it’s not a huge pay wall or anything like that but it is a devious way to really put the kibosh on experiencing the game and having that fluid experience that you would want to have.

Anyway, when it comes down to the sound and controls and all that stuff that goes into the game, for one the sound is actually pretty good there’s nothing really special about it but it’s pretty cool- the music it can old after a while but it’s not bad and the bike sounds have a little bit of variety.

The controls are really good for a free game.

The tilt and the on-screen controls are very good.  It can be pretty responsive so can be pretty fun to play because you are moving so quickly while you’re racing down the road- the buttons option to actually use buttons to control didn’t really feel that great but go for the handlebars option for the controls that’s the best thing to do. So make sure to switch that in the menu before you start playing.

So all in all this is a pretty cool free game.

I like it. I don’t really like what they did with using in game currency but all in all it is pretty fun and it does run really well on mobile, give it a shot see what you think. You might notice by the fourth or fifth level in the overtake missions that, you know, you are spending some money in this free game and it might be a little too devious and may get under your skin especially if you aren’t very good at it! A lot of people get sick of this and will try and find the paid app instead.

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